tell me what you think. I did it on my telecaster so it might sound alittle twangy because i currently have no strings on my strat. but ill gladly do it again on the strat when i get new strings


check it out thanks
Dude...dude. How long have you been playing? That made my ears hurt, seriously. I don't want to be an asshole but it was...not good. I think your guitar was out of tune too.
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Fraid I have to agree, I think you really need to work on keeping your bends in tune, if you did that, itd sound a hell of a lot more professional.
The high bit was out of tune and there was some timing issues as well. It seemed rushed all the way through, but somehow behind the beat
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ive been playing alittle over a year

i guess ill never get better.
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Yeah turn down the distortion on your guitar. The song is pretty clean to begin with and the distortion takes away from the feel.

Give it a re-record and ill give you a better crit.
You will get better, you just gotta slow down, and practice. Maybe try something easier first... Don't climb Everest if you can't climb the garden fence.
im talking about hendrix's cover of it. not Creams version. hendrix's one has the fuzz pedal and wah in it and its not too clean. ill re record it later