Okay there's someone in my city thats selling a IBANEZ RGA121 prestige in the veryyyyyyyy pretty violin flat finish, basically brand new for 900$ CAD, would that be a good deal? I could probably bring him down to 850$ (or maybe 800$ if I offerd him cash right away, since he's been selling it for awhile).

Would this be a good deal?
I just bought an Ibanez RG760 this week, so how would the RGA121 compare to the RG760?
Im thinking of selling the RG760 for around 700$ (its a really nice guitar, I just don't like the color) and buying this RGA121 cause I absolutely love the violin flat finish?

What do you guys think?

Which would you choose, RG760 or RGA121VLF?
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the 760 is an older model... generally, from what i hear about ibanez, the older the better (until you get back to the early 70's when they were crap again, lol).

the rga is nice too.

They're different, i'd wager, the rga is a hardtail, quite a bright vibrant tone, kind of aimed at shred/metal, the rg is probably more aimed at melodic shred.
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