8 days until Warped Tour starts! I admit, the band line-up hasn't been the most "punk" but, I'm in it for mainly The Toasters, Pennywise, and Bad Religion! not that these will be the only bands im checking out, guaranteed to be one of the best days in my summer!

8-4-07 Nassau Coliseum!

Any good Warped Tour stories? Opinions besides "This Tour Sucks! 'Such and Such' is on it! I thought this was supposed to be a Good tour!" are welcomed.

I remember last years Warped, my friend at the Less Than Jake show got beer spit from Roger all over him. A good memory indeed! :P

Anyone else goin'?????
I'm gonna be at the first date. June 29th at the Pomona Fairplex. I can't wait to see Big D and the Kids Table. I'm so excited!
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