ok so quick question...i want to record my guitar, with distortion, through my amp and into my computer, i can't do this directly, so i thought about:


would this enable me to record distortion onto my computer and does it plug in right before the line enters the computer? or do i need to buy a mixer? i've already read the sticky on recording but im still confused a bit. thanks.
your link didn't work for some reason, here this one will


that's a good product to buy, you will be able to plug any type of mic in there and with the 48V power you can use condenser mics as well.

There is no photo of the output on that unit so I'm not sure what cables and adapters you will need to get but if your sound card has a "line in", usually blue in color, then feed that with a stereo cable to your preamp.

this is a product used for micing your amp or vocal mic, you will not need to plug your amp directly into this box.

check my sig. for tweaks guide for more info on recording.

and no you will not need a mixer if you get this although for around $100 new you can get a Yamaha MG 10/2 with a bunch of inputs and good internal preamps.
have a look out on eBay for those, I'm running one now and they are great

lastly, if your sound card does not have any line in i suggest getting the m-audio 2496 sound card for your desktop.
i have one of these for recording vocals.. amazing little pieces of equipment for so little money (comparatively)

get it, you'll be pleased.

EDIT: mine is actually an older version called the ART tubeMP OPL. basic yet VERY effective.
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How does it work? You plug your guitar into it and then plug it into your PC? What input jack does it require, USB?
the one i have doesn't use USB. it basically picks up the weak signal form a mic and boosts it and then you can line it out to your comp or a mixer. its a VERY good preamp for like.. 50$ and yea you can use it for mics or instruments.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.