You'd think it be easy to find one, right? I've visited 3 different music stores and searched online without any luck. One music store actually ordered one for me, but it was too big and didn't fit in the hole. The employees were completely baffled, so they called their distributor of parts and found out that they needed a different type to fit my original Floyd Rose, because the diameter of the hole differs by ~1 mm or something from many of the "Licensed by FR" parts. The problem is that their distributor didn't have any in stock and had absolutely no idea when they'd get more, if ever.

I managed to find only one online store that actually listed detailed information on a tremolo bar, i.e. it actually stated "Fits original Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose II systems". Unfortunately, that item was listed as out-of-stock for at least 1 month to come. Why the heck don't they standardize the hole sizes for FR and licensed FR tremolo bars?!!! This is ridiculous.

So, any suggestions for me?
Have you tried allparts.com? (Was that the place you mentioned in the second paragraph? I'm too lazy to check.)
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have u tried this site?


EDIT: oh wait you want an arm? damn i misread your post. disregard this then
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This is the one site where I found a description of the arm, and as of a few days ago it said something along the lines of "this item is not expected in-stock for at least a month" and didn't even give me the option of ordering! I'm sure you can understand why I haven't checked back there. Now I notice that it says "3-4 weeks" until it is expected back in stock, but it will actually let me place an order. I guess I'll just order and wait it out. Thanks for pointing that out to me!