Can you recommend a big and extremly good floorpedal?

I've been looking at a Boss GT-8, Boss GT-PRO (whats the differens?) and a Line6 POD-XT Live. Is there someone of them that you would recommend?
(I play on a Ibanez RG and have a LINE6 amp if that matters)

I need something to my new songs and recordings with powerful delays and reverb etc. And I really need an acoustic simulator.

Is there a pedal which have some presets for wellknown songs? That would be useful cause I like to do covers sometime.
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No multi FX is going to work properly with your amp, your best bet is to just get a floor controller for it.
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A GT-8 would do everything you want and more, but it just won't sound good through your amp. Put your money towards a better amp, or invest a little in the Line6 floor controller for your amp.
i am a beginner guitar player and i want to buy a simple effects pedal. i want one that i can just switch from distortion to clean, or maybe distortion to another effect, like mulit effects. i don't really understand all of the techniqal terms so i am having trouble finding one. im not sure if what i am looking for is more than one device/pedal. namely an example for what im looking for would be something like in the AFI song "love like winter" where on the chours it is distortion (overdriven?) then it briefly switches to an echoey sound (tremelo?) then back again. i only have a distortion switch on my amp and would like hopely just to get one pedal for right now to add somemore effects and sound good.

what am i looking for?

i have a fender strat with a small fender frontman 15G.
what exactly is a channel switch? is there any good distortion pedals with multi effects, like echoing? can i use them simulatainously? what is the best one?
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