Right so i cant make it to the gym much at all for awhile so i have to use the weights i have at home, which limits what i can do. So can someone help me make a routine? im 5" 9' and about 160lbs. I have a curling bar and some bar
bells with interchangable weight, and a bench & bar. My goal is really just to get as big and strong as possible this summer.
also post yours if you have one.
Step 1: Eat Spinach
Step 2: Repeat
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My summer workout is going to be to run as much as possible. So far, I have failed
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Don't mean to be one of "those" people, but check out this thread. Decent info.


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Step 1: Eat Spinach
Step 2: Repeat

This works tremendously well.

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nice, while im 5'9 also with 155 lbs, do ppl call you fat cause people do for me then i beat them up. but start just free weighting and learn stuff like french curl and stuff like that, then go to the curl then bench and add weight weekly
stretch first, or you will lose a lot of flexibility.

i have found recently that if i do barbell curls at 15 lbs (instead of 35-40) and i do 3 sets of 24-20-24 (instead of 10-8-10 or 10-12-10) that i get a much better workout and i get "The Pump" very quickly.

I do this as my workout routine for upper body:

1. Stretch all the upper body
2. Bench press (make sure your shoulder blades are as close together as possible and you only bend your arms to a 90 degree angle...benching is supposed to be for your chest, and if you bring it the whole way down it doesnt really work your chest)
3. Pull-ups (if you can)
4. Dumbbell Curls
5. Butterflies (free weights, lieing on your back)
6. Dips (for your shoulders)
7. all shoulder exercises (cant remember the names of them atm)
8. Push ups
9. Forearms (basically, grab a straight bar if you have one, if not a dumbbell will work. lower it into your fingers then roll your fingers into your palm and grip the bar. Curl your wrist into your body...you should really feel it in your forearm. then flip it over and use your wrists to do the same motion, but bending your wrists upwards.)
10. Crunches for those abs!

if you need a demo, i can take pics and email them to you because i think that the explanation is hard to describe online.

unfortunately, i dont know much for free weights for the legs. >.>
i use hip hop abs best thing ever and it works well.. cheap and it gives you a 5 mintue workout when you cant like do alot or in a hurry. and seriously makes you feel good about yourself. I was so lazy with workouts before but i like these.