ive got a marshall MG 50 watt and ive been trying to get a thrash sound out of it (slayer/metallica)

and so far i havent been able to get it anyone have any ideas lik on how to put the settings (gain, bass, contour, trebble,)??
Gain: 10
Bass: 5
Treble: 8
Mids: 4

Alternatively, buy a distortion pedal.
Or, throw the amp out the window.
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Or, throw the amp out the window.

That seems the most logical thing to do
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does like anyone pay attention to other threads

mg's suck

get a new amp or distortion pedal

I think you forgot the part where the TS pulls money out of his arse to go buy a new amp or decent dist. pedal (even though dist pedals sound bad through most SS anyway).

C'mon guys, he's asking you a straight up question, help him out rather than telling him his gear sucks cos it doesn't help anyone. Especially when you say it in such twattish ways.
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