I'm wondering what those of you who've replaced your SSS Strat stock pickups with others think about your selection. I'm thinking of upgrading because I like my guitar but just want to get some new, better sound/tone. I play mainly blues and rock. Thanks
get a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge, and Lace Sensors in the middle and neck...I'll have links in a sec.

EDIT: Forget the Lace Sensors...

These will give you great clean tones, while the hot rail, will give you great distortion.

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Vintage Noiseless in the Neck/Mid, SD JB jr in the bridge. Gives my Strat a wider range of sound and allows me to do heavier stuff. Not pure metal, but hard rock.
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Hotrails in bridge, blue lace sensors in neck and mid.
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I play mainly blues & rock as well - here's my $.02

01 American Deluxe:
Fender '57/62' pickups, TFN Technologies 'Hot Tele Mod' wiring harness.
11 different pickup combinations that will increase the versatility of any Strat.
This is my #1 player

91 MIJ Strat:
Fender Custom Shop 'Custom 54s' pickups using the wiring harness from the previously mentioned Am Dlx Strat.
Awesome Strat tone, a little dirtier (in a good way) than the '57/62s'.
Installed a mid range boost preamp (ala EC) - not liking it too much - it kills the high end. It will be coming out as soon as I receive my 'Bridge PU Blend Mod' harness from TFN.
This one could become my #1 as the neck is sweet!

Good Luck!
Without giving brands or anything I would say that for blues you want something in the 6K range with formvar wire. For classic rock you will want something in the 5.8K to 6.5K range with formvar or PE wire depending on which classic rock tone you are looking for. If you are doing more modern rock then you might want to look into something like rails and noisless, but neither of these sound quite the same as classics and they don't work as well for blues plus most moder rock players that are using single coil pickups still want the classic tone you get from a more traditional pickup designs.
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