hey i know i have another thread, but this is a sort of different problem.

I have been able to boot an XP disc and get to repair screens etc but I need to know that if I reinstall Windows XP over my existing partitions, would all my music, photos and word document (band songs etc) be wiped from the hard drive?

sorry if this thread is illegal cause i have a thread already.
I am no computer genius, I think you should get yourself a portable hard drive and store all your stuff in there just in case it does happen.
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Reinstalling it shouldn't delete everything, no. Settings and stuff, yeah, but not actual files.
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Sell it and get a new guitar. Who the hell needs computers anyway.

EDIT- I didnt read what the problem was, but my advice remains the same anyway. One day, when computers take over the world and kill their owners, you will be glad you sold the damn thing and have a nice, friendly, non-murderous Gibson Les Paul instead.

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if repair doesnt work i would suggest getting a new hard drive and installing windows xp to it.then boot windows from that instead of the other hard drive.that way if your files are still on the other drive you will still have them and can be accessed via my computer screen.

ps if u have already installed it on your old drive and lost your data then download a program called active undelete(get it on bittorrent or something)and run it to recover deleted files
reinstalling windows wont wipe everything as long as you make sure you are just installing windows and not formatting the hard drive. there's an option to install and format, and then also just for install. however, if you have a virus then you may be screwed. if the virus is causing windows to become corupt then it will probably happen again because you didnt do anything to get rid it. i'd try to re-install windows and then move any important stuff. after that format the hard drive. one of your songs or movies or whatever you may have downloaded could also be holding the virus so it may come back. good luck.
When you go to the blue screen to reinstall windows on existing partitions, the only options it gives you are to format those partitions (using either NTFS or FAT) before putting on the new version of windows. I don't know what some of you are talking about, but it's horrible advice.

Repair will fix any missing/broken/corrupt/whatever system files that are required for windows to run. If repair doesn't fix it, then that's not your problem, and reinstalling the OS may be a bad option. There's most likely another way to fix whatever you have a problem with if repair doesn't work.

As for backing up your files: Buying a new drive is a little extreme. if for some super odd reason the OS repair doesn't work (meaning you have a different problem), you still wouldn't need a new hard drive. Just break up your existing partition into a smaller one to hold important files or things you want to keep. You don't need a huge drive because you don't have to put windows on it (which takes up a decent amount of your hard drive).

I get so amazed at the amount of people that will recommend for you to buy more stuff. Unless your parts are physically damaged, you should never have to pay to fix anything.

Partitioning does, however, lead to problems eventually because of how it actually works. There's no read division, so leads to fragmentation and slowness.

I do suggest getting an external hard drive just because of the security.
My name is Marc! Silly username.
you misunderstood. I'm not asking him to have a full out new partition forever. I'm just suggesting that if he absolutely HAS TO reinstall windows for his computer to function properly and he wants to keep all his important files, he doesn't have to buy a new drive to back them up. He can make a new partition temporarily to store the files, reinstall windows on the original partition, move the files back to that partition, and delete the temporary partition. It's just like what you're suggesting, except in your case he has to spend money to do it.

Also, there's nothing really slow about partitioning. You can defrag each partition separately and it solves the 'problem' you mentioned. However, that doesn't matter in his case because he can remove the partition after windows is fixed.

Hey guys thanks for the help, but I've decided to just format the computer because it seems like there would be more trouble than its worth to fix. I can get a majority of my music back off my MP3 player and CD's and can get most photos and my band songs from my friends. Thanks anyway people, the advice was much appreciated =]