I bought new tubes for my amp thinking that's the problem with it. So I put them in and it does the same thing as it did before. None of the tubes light up when I have the amp on. All the lights on the amp turn on. So what do you think could be causing the tubes not to work?
Turn up your volume

Nah joking, I'm new to tube amps so i dont have much to say, sorry.
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make sure none of the fuses have blown.
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The light on the amps work so it's not the fuse, and ALL the tubes don't light up so it's probably not a tube problem. Look in the guts of the amp and see if you see anything fishy. It might be your mains transformer, which isn't good. I don't have a lot experience with that particular amp though
maybe the tubes are not installed properly? Im not trying to say that you did them incorrectly...but it sounds like it gets power fine, but the tubes arnt doing what they are suppose to be...

meh just a though
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got a screwdriver???

Yea I do have a screwdriver. But there's these little screws in there that are really hard to reach.