Hello there fellas!

I have came back with my latest work, and maybe the better work I have done. This is a Metal version of a very popular song here in México. This song I'm talkin about is "Como te voy a olvidar" from Los Angeles Azules, that is a Cumbia band.

As you can see this is an uncommon mix, but I think it sounds very good. Now, for the ones that are thinking what musical style is this, I would say it's a Metalicumbia song.

OK OK I put the GP4 format in the folder now...

Hope you like it!. Crits are always wellcome
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jajajajaj esta chingon wey, muy bueno
Se habla español

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hahahaha esta cagado. Yo ya había escuchado covers del estilo pero al revés( rock/metal a cumbia) como el de fiesta pagana (mago de oz) en cumbia
o la de clocks de coldplay tmb en cumbia. Buscalos en Limewire para que los escuches jaja.
I really liked it.
nice melody, but there were some parts at the song i didnt like.
plz post on GP4!!

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I like it a lot, I really like the bass and rhythm and the latin feel, it's kind of really nice and relaxing. The only thing I DIDN'T like was the solo after the 'let's **** it up' section, that didn't really do much for me, it was technical, but didn't sound quite too good, imo.
Over all 7.5 or 8 /10


P.S. thanx for critting mine!
I love the beginning of theis song. and the rest, except for the solo. It doesnt sound like its in the same key. the rest is good. 8/10