ok so im kind of a beginner, so i dont know much about pickups, hardware, quality,ect. I want a new bass but as mentioned im not that educated about which bass would be the best. i can afford stuff from the $250-$500 range. Ive seen a few online and in the local stores around my city. I just wondered if UG had any suggestions for what i might get.

So...help me...plz?
It's a long story, though, so I'll just say this: laxatives+metal do not mix.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
are you looking to buy new or used? if you could buy used it opens up alot more doors but new i would look at ibanez, schecter, or a fender p bass
For a beginner I'd recommend a Squier (made by Fender) or an Epiphone... If you're just switching from guitar to bass then you might want to get a short scale bass like an Eipphone EB-O or a Squier Bronco. Ibanez is supposed to be good too, I jsut have never played one.
i have a fender mexican jazz and its great ive gigged it too and it went fine
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