well currently i own a cruiser by crafter (mi first guitar) and i was wondering, would a floyd work for it or should i buy another guitar? and if thats the case, wich one?, need a floyd and not too expensive.

so what do you advice
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It would be a tremendous amount of work to put in a floyd, buy a guitar with one.
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if you want a good guitar with a floyd i suggest a schecter omen-6 fr... they cost 520 australian and have alnico pickups, so it sounds, looks and plays well... they come stock in gloss black
how much time playing?
1 year- keep your guitar a bit more, go get good amp (or a girlfriend)
2 years- something like 650 usd (guitar)
3 years- get a stack, upgrade your guitar (better pups, original floyd, etc), leave your GF
4 years- you are great man, get $1500 guitar
5 years- do what you want and get another chick

thats how a dude's story should go, or how mine is gonna get