This is my hardest piece of work... I would consider it rock, I don't know some people may not but I think it's rock....

It took me 3 weeks to finish, because the recording process was so tedious...

I hope you guys like it, its really compressed but that how I wanted it....

Its called better now on my myspace:


Watching and waiting for the right time to move
I can feel inside me I'm ready to pull through
I'll make it out Ill be okay
I've had enough of those older days so I'm
Looking for tomorrow when everything will be okay

I am better now than ever before
I've seen a thousand things that can bring me down no more
I'm better now

What once was feelings of hate
I've turned them around they have to wait
For longer days that never come
and when the night turns into sun
I'll never feel that way again...

I am better now than ever before
I've seen a thousand things that can bring me down no more
I've tried to hold on tight sometimes you have to lose
What you love just give it up it will all be over soon
I'm better now...

I'm better now...
I'm better now

I am better now than ever before
I've seen a thousand things that can bring me down no more
I've tried to hold on tight sometimes you have to lose
What you love just give it up it will all be over soon
I'm better now...
hey man, that was awesome!! I really liked it, and your other songs too. I was just wondering, what equipment did you use to record?? I want to get my songs recorded to that quality, and I want to be able to do them at home....I notice how nicely your vocals blended into the track, a lot of home recordings dont blend them that well, your sounded very professional, what did you use? What kind of mic, programs you used, settings on your vocals, any information will be very helpful to me I like your sound thats what Im going for. Thank you brotha
You are amazing at songwriting, I'd buy your CD if I had money. You should write a step by step article or thread or whatever on how you record your songs. That would be amazing.

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Hey... Thanks for the positive feedback.

My recording setup isn't a big secret really... I will go over my equipment list though...:

M-Audio 410 Firewire Interface (This thing is sweet, high quality audio)
Pro Tools M-Powered (Possibly the best recording software... ever, it allows me to do virtually anything I need quickly and easily, the only thing I get pissed about is the time it takes to bounce the tracks)
Rode N1A (I recommend this condensor microphone before any other mic out there, it reproduces the sound so faithfully its astonishing... the bass pickup is a bit high so I normally run each track with a quad-band EQ and raise the mid/treble 4-7 dB.)
Shure SM57(Never ever use it, heard its great though...)
Taylor 310ce (My baby...)
Yahama DGX620 (It's very versatile and acts as my midi keyboard and my portable grand... it has a large sound bank with some very authentic sounds.)
Guitar Rig 2 (Love this program, its a bit grainy with audio but can make the certain configuration shine...)
AutoTune 5 (Have to have it... it makes that one note you just can't hit.. hitable... Its not the god of vocals though, if you suck.. you suck. Autotune cannot fix that...)
Bandstand (Goes in every one of my songs... this program has a large sound bank 2-3 gigs and the strings are very very real)
Ozone3 (Makes your mixes exciting... it really pumps your audio up with the rock settings and it can expand your slow dramatic songs perfectly... (It has a great stereo widener as well) its pretty awesome)
Battery 3 (Make your drums sound they way you want too (haha I should be a slogan writer)... this program is highly customizable and eats every penny of my processor... With a good set of samples your drums can be fantastic, very humanist as well..)

Thats it, I normally record each track twice and pan them accordingly....

Pads / Strings -> Pan hard left and right with the same track twice....

Drums -> Record each instrument (snare, kick, toms) and pan them accordingly... Take the snare record it twice pan the first one -15 and the take the 2nd one, run a light reveb and EQ then pan it 30

Vocals -> Dead center heavy compression IMO... unless its a slow song, then use a light compression... Make sure you EQ the vocals heavy mid/treble 6+dB. Use a light reverb the listener wants to understand whats being said....

Guitar -> I do two tracks panned 30-60 left and right... A light reverb or none at all.... capture the sound right the first time...

Distorted Guitar -> If your good at recording this I commend you, I haven't found the secret yet.

It's all personal taste.... I've spent a lot of time working on my recordings and actually recording. I write something new hopefully every week and that makes my recording experience shoot up... I've learned a lot through trial and error, experiment around see what you like. You just need a great mic and a good audio interface.

Good luck, that is my tutorial :-p
hey man I really appreciate that response. That was very detailed it helped me out a lot. That bandstand looks pretty cool, is it easy to work with? You will have to excuse me for being a total noob at recording, everything I have recorded to date has been really rough and crappy, mainly I just recorded it to keep a history of the songs I wrote until I got some better equipment later. Im ready to go get a bunch of stuff now and Im liking the bandstand...I was wondering, because I havent done anything with MIDI before, how does that work? You say bandstand is good for strings and stuff, so say for instance if you want to put some slow strings in your song, do you compose the piece on your keyboard and then transfer that to your computer into a MIDI file and then bandstand can mess with it? can you compose pieces right inside of the bandstand program itself??

Also how is working with autotune is it an easy program? Ive heard its a must have from some people....I heard that you can filter your guitar playing through the program also do you do that??

Anyways thanks alot for your response it helped me
that was awsome... im gettin me one of them myspace things
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Sorry I'm slow to respond, I can't spend to much time on computer with school...

Bandstand is awesome... I would recommend using a program with midi capabilities such as Pro Tools... Then you can just record an intstrument track and run bandstand as a plugin.

Autotune can be used to fiter anything but it works best on vocals in my opion. Guitar will sound funky because theres more than one note when you play a guitar unless your doing some picking... it has to be really slow or else it will try and tune all the notes you play to something... its not good to do that really...
awesome sound you got going here - the recording quality is fantastic and I'm gonna check out some of those recording tips you gave. i just got a taylor myself and i'm in love with it. the song itself is really solid - not too adventurous and pretty straightforward, but you pull it off really well. the instrumentation is really great throughout the song.

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