Well now I've ran into (dang these new adds are getting anoying) a little bit of writers block here. I can't write a bass line to one of my most simplest songs!

The songs follows as...
Dm, Em, Am, E. Here's what I've been trying to use...

A------------7hold out-----0~~~~~~------7--------7~~~~|
E----------0hold out-------------------------0~~~~~~~~~~|

(Sorry for not using coding, but I just don't feel like messing with that)

The E, B, E on the last one are played staccato. But that's not working, it doesn't fit the groove of the song. (Which if you hit the link in my sig and go to Like This- Acoustic Solo you can listen to it)

Since there are so many minors I really want to bring out that b3, but can't get it out with out it seeming muddy. Help, please!