hey, just wondering whe here does the crazy mountainbiking stuff...like downhill as fast as you can, and big ass jumps and all that stuff....im startin to get into it, but i got a new bike the other day and already destroyed the chain.......any stories?
hit a tree, there was a huge ass slope with a narrow path like seriously prolly like 85 degrees or somthing it was intense, and there were small jumps to hop off get a little air, well i hit one at a wrong angle and just flew off the course ran straight into a tree and bent my frame. it sucked didnt hurt that much tho suprisingly
lol what kinda bike u got? Iv been into biking for the last like 5 years of my 17 year life just sold my bike this year to get a car, its big in Canada especially in BC (dont know where your from) its such a sweet sport to get into but be prepared to spend a lot of $$ on stuff, bikes break, as well as helmets (from experiance) and any other equipment thats necessary (gloves, shinpads etc). It is an awesome sport to get into, such an adreline rush, biggest thing is getting out there and riding new trails and building up your skills and confidence to do stuff.

Good luck man, breaking a chain is nothing i'd be happy thats a cheap fix
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I used to mountain bike alot with some friends. One time we were in the middle of a trail atleast 3 or 4 miles from the end and my dam back tire fell off the bike! So I had to carry the bike and the tire for the rest of the trail.
Yeah like the other guy said its popular here in BC especially in my town which is supposed to have "the best trails in BC". I have a decent bike, but i barely use it.
I absolutely love biking, but I don't mountain bike. I just commute on my bike. Specialized Hard Rock is what I ride.
Yarrrrrrggghh...I luvs me some mountainbiking. Got a Cannondale last year and it kicks ass. Maine is excellent for the sport, plenty of trails, and great scenery.


I lov emountain biking. theire are a few public forests near me and the bmxers invaded and created awesoem amps and courses that i use regularly. BUt my golden rule is that if i am going to bomb a particular hill, i have to climb it first. good for fitness and tone. ive had soo many close shaves, especially with dogs that always run out and freeze onfronta me.Also i have problems with large roots and hidden stumps that have cause many a near fatal accident for me! Mountain biking is alot of fun especially down hill, but never underestimate the surface! I nearly broke my neck just the other day bombing a trail iusually clim up, i hit some ruts created by a JCB and the mud just broke arpart and i went into a thorn bush.
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yea, around me there isnt much, i live in houston so theres ok trails, but my brother lives in austin and he rides there and says they have some really good stuff, so im gonna try to make it up there soon