Im usually good with putting artists and there songs together when i hear um...but im soo stumped...i dont know where i should ask this question but here it goes. Can anyone help me out with these lyrics....i really like this song but for some reason i dont have a clue what band this is.

this songs for some poor man broken soul you left tied up
you opened up my heart inside and im dying
this songs for some poor man broken soul you left tied up
you never know of the thing you left behind?? (not sure about this part)

thanks ahead of time
usually you can type in just about any lyrics into google and it would work for ya... but I just tried it and sorry to say you're ****ed.

you'll probably have to wait for someone to come in who recognizes the lyrics or if you've heard it on the radio this could be one of those rare occasions where you'll actually have to call up the radio station and ask!

that's always fun when a radio dj answers you in that ultra prick, condescending tone because he thinks he's better than you and knows more than you because he sits on his ass and plays the same 20 songs over and over and over and over and over every day. good ol' radio dj's... decent voices... questionable faces.
No one knows what it's like... to be a dustbin... in Shaftesbury... with hooligans...
haha yeah i know dude.....i tried typing it in on google and yahoo and **** i got nada thats why i put it up here thinking there might be someone out there that would know this...come one people