after he blabs for an hour and a half (not literally), at about 1:05....how do i do that??? that high pitch thing...i know how to do the wammy bar part, i think...just push down...but still! i wanna know how to do the high thing! please help!!!

yes, he did say sustain thing, but i dont know what that is...im guitar illiterate...
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hes using the special sustain pickup that his guitar has, he says it in the beginning
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ok..well...how would i do it on a normal guitar? cuz tehres lots of videos with other people doing it...my friend said something about...i forgot what its called...but he told me how, i just dot knwo what he meant!! something that only certain notes or frets or something has...
No, that's called a pinch harmonic, basically you position your pick so your thumb is hanging very slightly over the edge so when you pick the note your thumb hits it to give it the harmonic.
They're called whammy bar harmonics and trust me, you won't be able to do them. Not to be mean, but you won't.

However, there is an article on this site that teaches you how. So you could look that up.

EDIT: Actually come to think of it they might just be pinch harmonics that he's playing and then using the whammy bar on, in which case, the guy above me explained them pretty well.

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