Just take what I've said,

And forget it all,

'Cause you don't feel the same,

To you I'm already dead,

I've slipped and am ready to fall,

It's already caused too much pain....


I'll take back what I've said,

Just to have you back again,

I won't try to stop fate,

And I won't take this anymore,

So don't even try a fake....


Take away from what you've gained,

And add it all,

Then trash it all over the floor,

It has left everyone pained,

Though you won't take the fall,

Just go ahead once more and slam your door....



Your thoughts are all scattered,

I can't believe it to end this way,

Write it all down,

Your whole life has been shattered,

He pushes you around this way,

Now dig your own grave in the ground....


i was really depressed/mad/sad when i wrote these, can i get some feedback on these?