No good thread devoted to these guys

finally checked them out after I found out they were playing with the Partisan Turbine around here in July and was amazed

The songs they have up aren't their best but they are still good

Im downloading Infernal Rise as we speak, I'll post later

BTW, anyone who likes Diskreet NEEEEEEDS to listen to Hate Eternal
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They're not talking about hardcore punk, they're talking about "hardcore." It has little in common with its roots in the '80s.

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when i ask questions. people reply with a stupid green smiley face sign

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^ 'Nuf said?

Says nothing.

They're on the same label, and the label probably makes them put them there.

But on topic of the band, amazing band, but as stated earlier, listen to Hate Eternal.
They're much better.
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Diskreet... hmm i downloaded their album "infernal rise" not amazing, but i do like it. The vocalists low gutterals are orgasmic. I love the guitar work on "infinite hole".