um...they made guitar hero 2 for 360....so you dont need to mod it
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I think maybe he means so he can add songs to it. If that's the case then no, as far as I know you can only do it with the PS2 version.

Buuuuuut if that's not the case them I'm not sure what he wants.
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Modded 360's can get you banned from xbox live...

Just so you know...
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Quote by Nelsean
Modded 360's can get you banned from xbox live...

Just so you know...

You can get mods that you can disable (so you can use your legit games for xbox live)
how do you get xbox live?
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The latest hacked 360 firmware allows signing into Live with a backup/copy disc of a 360 game. And no it is not yet possible to do anything with guitar hero for the 360.

And for more instructios on getting live - http://www.xbox.com