I just got a metronome today, and I wanna know what would be a good tempo to practice at... and how do you go about speeding up your playing?
Start slow and speed up gradually?
But what do I practice?
It depends on what you're trying to practice. It's usually good practice to start slow and build up your speed. For scales, I would suggest starting around 90bpm and building up from there 5bpm at a time.
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well it depends where you're at, of course.

start at a comfortable tempo. the most important thing is that everything feels right. If something feels weird or awkward, isolate that first.
Then you can try bringing it up a bit

Sometimes you can try going really fast just to get the general feeling and play around, but you definately shouldn't practice this way unless you can just manage it. If you can just manage it with the right feeling its just a matter of developing strength and endurance.

Make sure you practice your theory and such too. Personally I would devote most of my time to that. You can sound awesome playing just a few notes with only downstrokes. But even if you can shred hell into a million pieces, and you don't know your theory its going to sound like diarrhea.

edit: scales, scales, scales. its not like you're going to be playing mindless 1234 patterns up the neck, or copying someone else's solo while you're actually playing.
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Practice playing along to songs you can play. You have to get USED to a metronome first. Pick a song you play, grab your metronome, and practice till it is comfortable. Then try with the metronome and no song. That's how you develop your timing. Then you can play around with your speed.
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110bpm, its easy to get a groove to and its not too fast.
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