I recently purchased this Peavey Ultra 120 head on Ebay because it was a good deal for a lot of amp and this sort of amp seems to suit my playing needs. The amp is basically the Ultra Plus just in a different casing and is much uglier in my opinion. I wanted to do some minor mods to the appearance of the Head that would make it look more attractive without driving my broke and I figured I would turn to the good people at Ultimate Guitar for their suggestions. The first thing that popped into my head after looking at a picture of a mesa triple rectifier was to cover the outside of the amp in diamond plated metal, which I am still considering but it seems like it would be a hard job and probably rather pricey. I also dont like the greenish blue bars on top of and below the nobs, and i am trying to think of what i can do with them. Here are some pics of the head, thanks in advance for any help.

What about blue tolex, a la Marshall? It might make the blue bars a bit more bearable if its colour coded!
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Well with that would I have to actually change the casing that the amp is inside, I mean the whole black outside cover thing? And if so is that possible to do?