Hey UGers,

I'd like to know, what intervals, etc. can I use to get the eerie sound that John get's on certain tracks on the new album?

For instance, the intro track, that's played with a bow.
That's REALLY eerie, how would I go about getting that sound??

I'm talking about intervals etc. as well, so I think it belongs here(the thread I mean).

Cheers -
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man, i wish i could help you because im a huge fan of him but i really have no clue, mabye get a tab of it and look at the chords?
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Just a guess, he's probably playing diminished fifth and minor second intervals. Really ugly dissonances.
Haven't heard the album but I've been taught that the whole tone scale is used for a mysterious and eerie sound.
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He's using a jimmy page double neck with a vioin bow and lots of reverb chorus and tremolo minor seconds