..done something so incredibly painful, that while you're lying on the ground thinking about it, started laughing at what you must've looked like doing it? I just jumped the last few stairs at my house while I was looking down and hit my head on the ceiling where the landing is and pretty much layed myself out so bad I landed directly on my tailbone and couldn't stand for a few minutes so I just lay there cracking up (with annoying dogs ****ing with me) thinking about how horizontal my body must've gone after my head hit the ceiling that my tailbone was the first thing to hit on the way down. If so explain your histerical situation.
Never done anything that sore, ie broken anything.

But a few weeks ago I punched through a window and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

I was rat-arsed though
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me and my friends were up at a park, and we were sitting on the monkey bars, and im not the skinniest kid, so im like "it's not that high, I'll jump" so I jumped and it was higher than i thought....i landed on my back and my heel at the same time, i could walk or breathe, and then i started laughing but it sounded like weezing cuz i couldn't breathe!!

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haha yeah, a couple of years ago someone smacked a hockey ball to me, and it must of hit a loose sod of grass (we were playing on grass, not astro), and it jumped up and smacked my knee so hard my whole body just crumpled. All I could do was just hop around laughing. Hurt like ****ing hell, but i was just imagining how i must have looked trying to get out of the way.
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well, it wasn't me...

but my bands bassist was standing really close to the edge of the stage during a show one night

and his strap broke

he tried to save the bass

he fell off

his bass' neck snapped off...

and scraped his shin open

...we just.... kept playing the song...

idk if he was laughing then... but uh....

we were all laughing about it afterwards.
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one time i tried to ollie my friends board, and I almost made it over except fo rmy back truck, so i fell right on my mouth, and skidded on my mouth a few inches across my driveway. must've looked pretty funny in a non literal way i guess. btw i could not speak properly for 2 weeks.

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heh, i once jumped down the last 5 stairs at school....and my buddy pushed me forward, i was perfectly parallel to the ground at that point...i must've looked like superman haha
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Once when I was drunk, I dropped back on a couch. The couch was against a wall so there was a windowsill right at the head rest, and I smacked my head against it.
Just sat there laughing, I didn't even feel it. ALCOHOL FTW!