Id like to get into guitar modding and building... And so i think ill start with just a simple paint by numbers kit...


Would that be a good one to start on, and then progress from there? Is that a good brandto buy from or does anyone recommend something better, thats still very cheap! Thanks!
Torres kits are horrible. The parts they use are ok and Dan torres might seem like a nice enough guy on the phone but the instructions are wrong and incompleate, and the kits are often missing parts (sometimes lots of parts) and because there is no warrenty you can't make him send you the missing parts. I bought an amp kit from them (they are just as bad with their guitar kits though) and it was missing lots of parts too. I never did get Torres to send me all the parts the kit was supposed to have. I spent hrs on the phone with them figuring out what was wrong with their directions too. 1st thing dan always said was "people have been using those instructions for years without problems" then after talking to him a bit and pointing out things like the colors of wires he said to use were not on the transformer he said "oh yeah... You have THAT trasnformer" then he went on to say that they just handn't updated there instructions yet but they would. Then he gave me new information. When after I perchased the missing parts myself "torres never sent them" I plugged in the amp only to find that it didn't work. I called dan and he said that perhaps the instructions they sent were missing pages. He sent me a new set of instruction and they still hadn't been updated. This was 3 months later. I contacted dan again and he told me I was still missing pages from the instructions and he would sent me more. I still don't have accurate instructions and I supposedly don't have compleat instructions. My amp still doesn't work so I'm going to use the parts I have to make a different amp. Torres is a theif. He never gave the instructions he promised and he never supplied me with the parts like he promised. After I had this problem I was able to dig up some information and I found that this is the case more often than not with torres. Run away.
Not taking any online orders.
Saga kit FTW!
You will want to swap out the tuners and pups and everything after you complete it though.
Call me Wes.
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Have a look at the Saga telecaster build in my sig, I love it - I will point out before you look that I replaced loads (it's all documented) from the original kit - but that really is just me... Most of the hardware was usable (except the tuners which were dreadful)

Don't be thinking that buying a cheap kit you are going to build yourself a guitar comparable in quality to anything other than a decent starter guitar - my tele is better than any Squier Tele I ever picked up, it's not bad compared to a Mexican tele either, but it's not quite there. It mainly lacks sustain because it's a top loader, not strung through, but the Saga necks are really nice, the body is OK, and lots of people on here have built them so they can help you out.

Saga also do a good range of clone guitars, a les paul, an SG, a tele, a strat, a PRS. There is a link to a UK supplier in my thread.
Thanks for the replies guys, think ill stay away from that dude definatley then!

Ive haerd nothing but goo dthings about Carvins, but all i can find is Nylon guitars on their sites... Do they do electrics?>
i thought that carvin amde custom guitars for u i don't think they sell kits

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saga kits would be the way to fo, but like mark said, id replace most of the parts to get a decent gutiar out of it.

Either that or look at Carvin Kits. The quality will be better than the Saga kit, but it comes at a price.

Or you could get the parts yourself on ebay etc, so you can compile the perfect guitar for you.
Ill look into Ebay, but id like the instrucitons, as knwoning me,,, ill put the neck on the wrong way round or someething lol
It's pretty hard to go wrong with a Saga kit - there were no instructions with mine, but as long as you know where all the bits of a guitar live, you'll be ok - all the structural stuff was pre-drilled and it all lined up spot on. Even the electrics are a doddle if you go with stock electrics, as it all snaps together.
Yeah well id want decent electronics so ill replace that with some better ones (with instructions :P) a\nd eventually ill get new pick ups.

Ill go for the SAGA Les paul so... After a bit of googling on them

Would you go for another Saga model or what if you were to build another one?
I've heard the LP is nice - I've had a few PM's from people who've built different kits, and there is a bit of feedback from others in my thread, I love the telecaster - it's so versatile and it sounds great. The only negative I can remember is that the top of the PRS copies is really thin and easy to damage.

I'd recommend changing the tuners, and leave everything else stock, and then use the experience you have gained to change the wiring and pickups later on.

EDIT: If I built another, I'd go for the chambered tele body I think...
Cool, Im gonna take your word for it, and they arent that expensive anyways...

God im so excited

How do i paint the body? Im thinkin of aged type thing, Rory Gallagher style only on a Les Paul, or else just gold lol
I'd just paint it - I think relics are tacky - that's just me... Damage on your guitar should be part of your history with it

There are a couple of options, I used car paint, and it came out lovely, or you can use nitro cellulose - which is a bit more expensive...

If you need help with anything come back or PM me and I'll try to sort you out.
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Thanks dude! I no what you mean about relics, I hate them too, and by addin them to it yourself, your not lettin the guitar has its own character, but i feel compelled, i saw my friends Rory strat finish that he done on a squier and i dunno why, but ive been itchin to do it since!