I made a big mistake I tried to change all strings of my guitar FloydRose Trem at the same time.
Well I took all the strings off and had a real hard time putting them back on because the trem popped back and i could hardly get it back out. The thing is my guitar is so out of tune and the brige is laying back so far that it took me 4 hours to tune it.
I know it is my own fault...

My question is actually this:

How far can I loosen the springs in the back before the screws flip out, because I just cant manage to get th brige parrallel and set??

why not try it... and see?

you can always screw the screws back in

EDIT: actually, thats a bad idea, dont do that lol
I guess you could put the bar in, push the trem forward, and then put a small wood piece under the back like he does in the video I linked.