I play mostly pentatonic.. and when i improvise, i can easily do hard rock ala ACDC or do blues with the flatted fifth.. but when i want to make some metal improv, they dont quite sound like metal.. any ideas how to use pentatonics for metal?
really loud with lots of distortion, there u go
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really loud with lots of distortion, there u go

Yes, because all metal is is really high distortion and is always played much too loud.

Generalization FTL, noob.

EDIT: Learn modes, like the second or third guy said.
Wrong wrong wrong^^^^

Its not necessarily the scale that makes how your improv will sound its mostly what your playing over, play over a metal chord progression and it will be metal.

Listen... if you play a gore metal riff and improve over it with the blues scale it will sound like metal not blues... Dimebag used the blues scale for everything.

So the solution to you problem is your backing track.
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learn a new scale

No, he wants to make the pentatonic sound metal, not something else.

I have trouble with it too. One of the big issues I have is I tend to do too many bends. Use fewer bends, less space between the notes, and more sixteenth notes (half-joking, half-serious there).
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i used to have this problem as well too. the major difference between pentatonic blues and metal is that metal is generally played more up tempo and the inflections you put on the notes can change the sound as well too. this is actually one of those things where you can take a pentatonic scale and make it sound like a LOT of different styles depending on the inflections you use in the notes. study some solos of your fave metal guitarists that use pentatonic scales (mines metallica but pick and choose your own for your own style) and learn how your guitar heroes do what you like. peace!
Try muting the notes, or at least not really letting them all drone on...instead sharper endings to each note, in my experience, sorta metals is up
Play more notes, do less bends, 16th note runs all over the neck, etc.
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