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Looks like I'm not the only lefty guitarist out there.

As for the video, if I was to rate this I would give you a 7/10.

Things to improve:

1- Like SG Trasher said, practise with a metronome, your timing is a bit off.
2- Improve tone.
3- Never improvise on a song like that, it will show that you are incapable of playing it, if you really can't play it than don't play the whole song, or just leave the solo.
4- You had a lot of mistakes.

Overall it wasn't that bad, just practise.
nice man, us lefties are a dying breed, always good to see more lefties play guitar, anyways man ur timing can get alot of work but like i said before.. be really really really familiar with the songs u wanna learn
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year and a half learned both songs in like 2 minutes

You mean you learned all of Iron Man's main riffs, and the solo in like 2 minutes?

That's amazing. You have good memory.