I'm thinking about adding a Line 6 MM-4 or a DL-4 to my pedalboard, but I've never used one, if anyone has them, are they easier to use than individual pedals? Is the switching easier? Are they a pain in the ass to set up?

And does anyone know how wide the pedals are? I want to make sure they fit haha.

S. Marshall
I don't have any experience with those, but in my opinion, invidual pedals are usually easier to use and set up and switch, and the tone is usually much better if you have nice pedals too. I could be wrong or your opinion may be different though. Also any website that sells them should say the size of the pedals.
they are very nice pedals and there are actually a few mods around to make them more versatile and sound even better. fairly easy to set up, and you are allowed 4 and 3 presets respectively that you simply stomp a button to activate. and they are quite large, so yeah that kinda blows but they do look pretty cool heh.