I was looking through some old photos and saw a picture of my dad when he was about my age and I realized that I resemble him alot. Personality-wise I think I took after my mom because I am more of a quiet person just like her.
Anyway UG, who do you resemble?
I resemble both of my parents in looks, but I am far from both of them personality wise.
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I have a lot in common physically with my mom, and my sister gets most of her genetics from my dad. Which is why everyone says we look nothing alike, which is true.
I look alot like my Grandad on my dads side, but a little like my dad, but he looks more like my grandma Nacey.

I look like my great great great grandad, who I actually have a photograph of from an old postcard from Scarborough sat on a mule. I can see alot of me in him.

Its quite wierd really, I was thinking the same thing when i found an old album a while ago.

Id say i'd take after my dad, a total wanker.
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From my Dad I have aquired:

Very pale skin (though mine is actually a hell of a lot paler)
Tendancy to fly off the handle at things, and shout loudly
Sick sense of humour (though again, mine is sicker than his )

From my Mum I have aquired:

Hair ( thick and curly, poofs out at the sides at the minute )
Stubborn jackassness (again very argumentative, but stubborn also, my dad will argue but then back down, my mum will never back down)
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im a spitting image of my dad...i saw a pic of him when he was 20yrs old and if u put my pic next to it its like same person...my whole personality is from my moms side
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I kinda look like my Grandad's on both sides of the family, which is strange because they look nothing alike.

Personality wise I don't really take after anyone I'm related to...but probably mostly my Dad because we both tend to be shy sometimes
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Somehow I'm EXACTLY like my uncle on my mom's side

Smoke lots of weed
And I look exactly like him......
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I kind of look like our mail man...weird

There's something your mom isn't telling you...

I look mostly like my mom, but I have traits from both sides of the family.

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i resemble my father while my two other brothers look like my mother,
me and my little brother look alike, some people saw i look like my older sister but i dont see that
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I look more like my mum .

However my personality is mroe easygoing like my dad, except if I get really pissed off when I become evil like my mum.

I also have inherited my simply EPIC body hair from my dad.
i take up after my mum but i get my musical talent from both my grandparents who work in the wno (welsh national orchestra)
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well personality wise im more like my dad...im thrifty, have this crude sense of humour and a this thing for doing stuff I shouldn't be...I resemple my mom more, look-wise
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