i'm looking to buy a used, cheaper guitar for preferably no more than $100. I'm looking into my local pawn shops and thrift stores, any other ideas on where to look?

Also, I would appreciate any advice when it comes to doing this..
ebay, craigslist, pawn shops. mostly pawn shops. make sure its not broken or cracked
Pawn Shops, eBay like that guy said.

Other than that... You probably won't find a very decent acoustic guitar for under 100$ at an actual music store.

Try your local listings too.
i would kinda want to see the guitar in person first.. so i'm kind of steering away from ebay. anyone else?
I found a les paul standard on ebay for 400 bucks... the point is the headstock was broken (but refixed later)... still 400 bucks!?!
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Just make sure you know your stuff about guitars and keep your eyes out in pawn shops, ebay, stuff like that. then if you find a decent guitar for your price range jump on it. You have to be patient and maker sure you always have enough money set aside to be able to take the opportunity.
Cash Converters isn't too bad. Just make sure that you know what you're buying so they don't rip you off.
Garage sales ...... FTW

It takes an awful lot of looking to find guitars through garage sales. But occasionally you can find some sweet vintage guitars. CHEAP.
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