Hey guys I need some help on pickups. I own a Gibson 1958 Reissue. It had burstbucker pickups. I want a Jimmy Page kinda sound. I am playing on a Fender Cybertwin amp. Do you think it is the pickups or the amp i need to change. Please dont tell me i should make my own sound, because i know that but i want this guitar to be like a Jimmy Page repilica. and i know he has a signature guitar so dont tell me that either cause they run for like 16k. Lol. THanks ALOT
My Gear
Gibson Les Paul 58 Historic Reissue
Fender MIA Stratocaster
Big Muff Soviet Version
Fender Cybertwin 360w
New amp.
A Gibson Les Paul with BB pickups is the perfect guitar for a Page tone.
Get a Marshall-y amp.