Basically, I want a Schecter. I've seen a lot of debates about them here and I'm not entirely sure where to get one, what one to get, and how much they cost. I asked my local guitar shop and they sort of looked at me funny so, I'm assuming they don't stock them!

Any advice on the brand? Anywhere I could order one online? Price ranges? Etc? Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.
advice.... don't buy a schecter
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smb: Nah there's not. Might be one in Southport, though. I'll have to check, thanks mate.

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dont listen to him...the Schecter is great out from the factory with a low action and bridge adjustment right on the box...... it has a great tone and rings like a bell, when it has new strings, oh mamma!... its very versatile, the 5th string doesnt flop around.... its really really good... im gonna buy me one as soon as i can...
schecters are amazing. My stiletto elite 4 is the second best bass I have ever played, the best being a Musicman Stingray4HH, but it was almost twice the price. they are just too cool. especially the looks, as they look amazing. the pics of them on the schecter website are almost exactly how they look in reality. here:

The pic off the site:

My Pics:

and a full body shot

and the tone is amazing from almost any of their products, even the middle range ones. it doesnt have to be their most expensive or crazy model at all.

besides, this bad boy only cost 900 CND, but you can buy off musicians friend for aroung 599 US +tax (Shipping free, cuz its over $100)(Unless you live in some crazy place thats not too big, or way out of the way, I'm too lazy to check)
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Blows the shecterman whistle. Oh, Fett hasn't been on in a while... Anyway schecters are great basses. I haven't had any personal experience with them but I know they are quality made and have a great sound.
theres a sound control in Manchester, thats no far from you, I'd suggest giving them a call and asking if they have any in stock and if not see if they can order one for you
as far as I know they're the only music shop based in england that stocks them atall
Well its up to you to decide. If you like it then buy it. Dont take too much advices. Listen to it yourself, feel it. Maybe its your guitar. The guitar that makes your sound doesnt need to be the most expensive one. Good luck
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Thanks UG.
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i also looked at Schecter, an interesting thing about them is they are owned by ESP, ESP actually makes better basses, so if u like schecter, check out ESP