Skeletor Song:
I'm gonna tell you my life story, I have not told it to many, but now you're gonna hear it so, so listen up! I was born in the early 90's, my brother hit me, my mother raped me, my father spanked me. My sister kissed me, my uncle is jesus, jewel sliiper, jewel collector. I didn't have many friends, but the birds were my mates, i took them home, but mama spanked me. 1-2-1234 I'm so sad, too sad, I'm all alone, sittin in my room, playing my guitar, writing a love song, can someone please help me out? I met this blonde girl, flaming hot, but she ignored me, like I was dust. Night out drinking in skäbä, totally ****faced, i tried to hug her, but she ran past me. To gain girls, i changed style, from normal to punk, it didn't work. [CHORUS] 3 months later, i met a girl, up on the doghill, i left her. Now in blesuu, I see her there, kissing another guy, I feel regret! Now i'm often crying, cutting myself, with a cd-rack, IM SO SAD!!!!! [CHORUS X2]

If you'r having a har time imaging how this would turn out the take a look at the song :

Might want to lay this piece out better, and make it more presentable, no one is going to crit this.

Just advice.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.