alot of people around here are big fans and recommend it over any other SS amp, so should be fine. 60 watts is a fine ammount to gig with, speaker size is also important so the 12inch speaker accounts for alot of the volume.
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Depends on what SS were talking about. Marshall MG is an SS and awful. The Cube is a great SS amp. It's big enough to gig with, no doubt.
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plus u can line out a cube 60 as it has a speaker out.

cube last forever. ull most likely outgrow the tone before the amp gives out.

unless the dudes in ur band play 100W+ amps, and drum crazy loud, you should be fine in most small-medium sized venues.

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Mic up through a PA system. <---- not a fan of solid state but to each his own. As for volume there's always the PA. I'm not really sure what a 60 watt solid state means in terms of volume. It "sounds" like it would be lound enough.
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i've got a friend with a cube 60, and he does small gigs with it. you should be fine. he11, i'm getting one once i've got the cash.
What kinda stuff you play?
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