okay, so im selling my stratocaster for 600 dollars because i dont have a decent guitar with humbuckers and im looking to get an all in one guitar that can be versatile enough to play music both heavy and bluesy.

at first i was almost 100% decided on the schecter tempest custom because i really like the look and i like the idea of the coil tap to switch the humbuckers into "single coil mode".

but after looking into it, alot of people say the pickups on the tempest are nothing more than mediocre and i dont want to go through the work of swapping them.

the c-1 on the other hand is supposed to be super versatile and the pickups are apparently very high quality. now im kinda torn between the two.

so does the coil tap feature on the tempest make it versatile enough to beat out the c-1, or are the c-1's great pickups worth the extra 150 bucks, and will it make up at all for the strat sound im selling?
I like the tempest better, mainly because of the looks, the guitars are both very similar, like you wrote, the tempest would be perfect with different pups...
you should get the tempest and change the pups with the 150 bucks left, then you could get the pups you really want to get the best tones
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I'm with austrorammer, get the tempest. if you like it that much, go for it! changing the pickups shouldn't take long, and you can customize your sound with the pickups so its that much better. the tempest is quite versatile in its own right, even with the stock p-ups, so the time you spend putting the p-ups in will be well worth it.