Hey, check out this new song, Lake Nowhere! I'm not done with it, but thats a general idea...i want an experimental type feel, tell me how i did!! YES, it's supposed to sound trebely! I WANT that tone... tired of people telling me how trebely it is...
Lake Nowhere
C4C, just give me a link to yours!
Oh yea, it's fifth on the list, so you gotta scroll down on the player thing...
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that sounds awesome lots of reverb and a little chorus sounds like it just for the heck of it see how it sounds with a little tremelo i was born exactly 5 minutes after they found cobains body
Very nice, sounds very oceanic (dunno if that's a word or not, but it'll do )
I agree that the fuzz can get quite annoying though. Also, it might be better to play to a metronome, because it seemed to go out of time at points. Also, it's quite repetitive, I'd get something else to go with it to make it more interesting, like some sort of quiet solo guitar going on in the background.
Overall though, very nice, I liked it

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dude, really neat sounding stuff!

just like someone up top said.. very oceanic kinda stuff

i can see myself swimming in a nice clear river with the moon beaming down casting white everywhere

your other tunes too.. i can very much hear a cobain sounding voice singing some lyrics to them

And thanks for the crit on my tune!
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listening....a bit too trebly in the beginning. lower mid and treble and add more bass sound? the melody was pretty good. sounds very hawaiian style. like you would imagine hawaii the way it looks the first thing when you hear this. very oceanic you could say..

very visual. good job dude. but sound could be better. :P
i think its a good riff that would be better with a little support from the bass or somethin.. but as usual, i like what you've done and keep it up.. and i see what you mean about your gear recording the acoustic better.. but its not bad quality.. just not quite the same hah.. lemme know when you got somethin new.. i added you on myspace

the intro riff is great but the sound quality isnt that good...but who cares!

i think what it needs is some kind of bass solo under it.

look up californication live at slane castle by red hot chili pepppers on youtube

the way flea solos would fit perfectly under this.

great stuff man

keep it up man and thanks for the crits!

EDIT: also dude, if you ever need some tracks and want to email me the sound file to record over, let me know. vocals or guitar...whatever you need! later!
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it's peaking a little in the beginning something, might be recording too loud. it sounds really nice and clean though.. I really like it. maybe add some backing chords for sure... but overall really nice sounding tune man... try and get a little less of that fuzzy stuff in there next time though, it would be more enjoyable that way for sure, I am totally thinking of a drum pattern that would be so badass for this haha... too bad there's no drums/rythmn guitar.

good job, and thanks for the crit on my stuff!

Hey man, thanks again for critiquing one of our new songs, another one of our new songs, "Versus" is up on our myspace now (http://www.myspace.com/hereisthere) so feel free to check that out! As for Lake Nowhere, I really enjoyed it. It's cool that you're going for your own sound, reguardless of what everyone else may critique, but I'm enjoying it for sure. With some subtle guitar chords in the back ground, it would make it perfect. The chord progression near the end is very interesting as well.
Great job man,