Alright, so I'm looking at buying my first tube amp pretty soon, I've been dealing with a horrible Fender Frontman for about a year now and I'm determined to upgrade. I'll have about 600 dollars at my disposal and so far I'm narrowing it down between the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe(40 watts), the Peavey Valve King 112 (50 watts) and the Valve King 212 (100 watts).

I plan on gigging eventually, but it will be small venues obviously so I doubt I'll ever even max the volume on any of them so the wattage shouldn't be much of an issue (unless wattage affects tone, I don't know much about amps). As far as the Peavey, is it worth an extra hundred dollars for 50 more watts on the off chance that I might use it? And are either of these three amps a good choice for a first foray into tubes?
get 4 epiphone valve juniors and [used] 2 stereo cabs

and run them all together
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id say no to peavey unless you're doing metal, if that's your thing. the fender would blow it away with any other genre of music. Fender's also have magnificent clean channels, my second favorite (VOX 1st) oh ya, if you're still flip floppy about you're amp check out the AC30 re-issues Vox has the custom classic kind, they sound FINE! or if you're on a tighter budget check out the valve-tronix series, its like a mix between processing and tube amp, with a power tube in it. hope i could help.

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I've had a couple of Hot Rod Deluxes. Fantastic clean tone, a rather disappointing lead channel. Lotsa power, though.

I briefly played through a Valve King. Unplugged when I saw 'Made in China.' I can't see spending that kinda money for something made in China, that's just my opinion.

The Kustom will cover anything from Fender-esque cleans to Marshall/Mesa. Gotta try one to believe it. And enough power to run people outta the room.