well i was just wondering wih strings shoudl i buy steel or nickel
i play punk like social distortion and bad religion and i am trying to have more or less the same sound i probrably gey daddario strings so wich should i get nickler or steel?
and how about ernie balls? are they better than daddario
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steel strings have a brighter tone and stuff...the others sound warmer... i like steel strings... but it depends, buy a set of each and try them out, then you'll settle for whats best for you...
depends... i think d'addario would be great for what you play... the ernie balls are generally brighter then the d'addarios...
I can't think of one tonal advantage to nickel strings. They're just easier on the fingers. If you want warmer, roll back the tone. You can warm up the signal a million times easier than you can add brightness.
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