"if you see some one beside you, throwing something, beat the fucking **** out of them"

haha couldnt agree more axl. beat the ****er. btw, that was the second time he got a stone thrown at him

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RIP Kurt Cobain
RIP Dimebag Darrell
Burn in hell Nathan Gale
Since when was "god" synonymous with "pompous prick with an inflated ego"?

Oh... Wait... Good call.
Ok that was pretty badass on axl's part. Especially when he says he doesn't want the fans getting hurt. now if only he could release a album.
At least he could yell at the crowd after the song..

He reminds me of a little kid's mother:

Now Johhny, don't throw stones at mommy while we are here at the park. If you do we can go the **** home.
if saying stop means you're a god, STOP STOP STOP!!!
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The one where he says:

"He's in my ass, that's where Slash is! ****head, Go home!!!"

in the middle of the intro to a song is far better... Axl is awesome on stage for that kind of thing, lol.
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lol fcking interpreter xD
he says "beat the fcking **** out of him" and all what she says is "beat him"

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No.. He is not God.

He can't even realease a ****ing album.

have you released an album? I think not!

Btw Im not standing up for Axl or anything!
I don't think acting exactly like you did when you were 17 makes you God.

Just because he's a 'rock star' doesn't mean he gets to avoid growing up.
Well, apparently it does, but you get the point.

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Did anyone have a flashback of their teacher saying "This is the last time I will talk about this" when Axl said it?

He handled that well I thought.
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Bruce Dickinson says that kind of thing a whole lot better.


"And if you see their arm going down after they threw something make sure it goes down in two F^%^ing pieces!"

what a badass

Slash is trash

I has golfclaps!
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axls a puss.....if some dude threw something at me...i would pick it up...trhow it back and keep singing. people payed good money to see these guys, I never would though.
well he has had a bunch of crap thrown at him that has messed things up for the show before so i guess the stress of all the shows and the fact that it could ruin it for all the people was a valid enough plot for a rant.
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Since when was "god" synonymous with "pompous prick with an inflated ego"?

Oh... Wait... Good call.


about axl, even tho i agree with you on the second part =P