I'm looking to make an online band because I have no life, and i'm obsessed with music lol. Everytime I try to join one or something the TS doesn't respond or something. So I'm looking to make my own. Open to all kinds of styles jazz-hard rock/altern. I can play guitar/sing, create drum tracks, etc, but would rather just do guitar and sing unless someone else wants to sing lol. So whos in?
I'd enjoy playing guitars/back vocals for you if you need... more for the rock thing than jazz though!

I enjoy listening to jazz but I've never played any of it so I don't know "how to do it"
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

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I play electric guitar and acoustic guitar, but my recording equipment sucks so I wouldn't be recording those. I play piano/keyboard, so I guess I could record that (so that'd cover piano, strings, celesta, organ, percussion, etc). My main forte, though, is songwriting/composition moreso than instrumentalism.
this may not be the right thread for this but im in, i got a mic, guitar, bass and decent recording equipment.
If you can sing and play guitar, go get some gigs and play some little shows or something.
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Yeah this is more suited for the Bandleading forum or musicians ad forum.

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