My two favorite bands are Iron Maiden and Dio and I was wondering if there are any other bands that someone with my tastes might like. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
well lets see......I see you have a taste for powerful singers. Bruce and Dio are among the most powerful, if not the most powerfull singers. Lets see... Maybe Judas Priest? Early Megadeth? Early early Pantera?
Would you reccomend any specific songs from Halloween, Iced Earth, etc? I really like heavily melodic songs. The Wicker Man was the first Maiden song I heard and got me into the band.
Helloween- I Want Out
Judas Priest- Painkiller
HammerFall- Hearts on Fire
DragonForce- Valley of the Damned
Blind Guardian- Nightfall
WarCry- El Trono Del Metal
Mago De Oz- Caballo De Troya
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