In "Clarissa Explains ****ainment" i was needing help for the part in the intro that looks like this:

Guitar 1 (0:00)

I cant get it to sound right for some reason. Suggestions?
yeah, when i go up to the higher notes, it just doesnt sound right or something... not sure what i'm doing wrong.
maybe your not doing it fast enough?
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Okay, if I have this right, once you get to the 5 on the e string, you'll have to slide down pretty fast to the 17, and then to the 19, back to the 17 and then back to the 5, I'm sure that you know that but I suggest that you practice going from the 5 to the 17, for some reason when I try I always end up going to the 15th. Just listen close for that slide I just played the latter half of it and I'm positive that the tab is correct, I would tell you to go watch a youtube video on it, but no one has covered "Clarissa Explains" yet.