I decided i was going to save about $500 this summer and buy an Epiphone Les Paul. But after playing my friend's SG at his house the other night, i loved it and i cant decide what to do now. Im only 14 and get a pretty minimal allowance, but my parents said that they would pay me a little more if i wanted to get a new guitar. I love my Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse, but i want something a little more... recognizable and normal, and a little less evil-looking or tacky.

The point being, i know that Les Pauls have absolutely BEAUTIFUL sound and look very nice. And many great people use them. Jimmy Page, Slash, Ace Frehley, Joe Perry, etc. But after playing his SG, even though it was a Silvertone, not an Epiphone or Gibson, i still loved the sound of it and how easy it was to play. Are Les Pauls as accessible on the higher frets as an SG? I know that the sound is somewhere along the lines of a les paul....

Basically, what are your opinions regarding SGs and Les Pauls? etc. etc... and price range, too. I know a standard Epiphone Les Paul is about $400-500. Are SG's more than that or about the same?
Forget who famous plays what. IT seems you like how the LP sounds so just buy the damn thing.

As to the "higher accessability on freboard" all I can say is play with them both.
My Epiphone SG Special (looks like Angus Youngs guitar, just lighter red and without the pickguard) was about 300$ and I LOVE it. Very easy to play, looks awesome, and just all around great. Good action on it too, and it's really easy to play hammer-ons and pull offs, and all those nice solo spicer-uppers

In my opinion, Les Pauls are friggin everywhere. Every wannabe (not calling you a wannabe, don't worry) guitarist plays one. So I'd recommend the SG.
get the LP, youll grow into the higher fretts (*as in your hands will grow big enough to reach them if you cant already.
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the only thing i can say is the SG a Gibson or an Epiphone?
cause if its a Gibson SG then i say get the SG
but if it's Epiphone then get the Les Paul.
cause personally i'd compare any epiphone against a schecter
cause schecter make's REALLY good guitars

i personally like LP's, i like the tone of them more meaty while the sg is brighter. sg's are cheaper mostly because it uses alot less wood and other things as well. and jeeze trooper your sg looks JUST like angus youngs cause its an SG model. YOU know what SG looks like Angus Young's... THE ANGUS YOUNG SIG. and seriously don't worry about who plays what cause its personal preference and who ever gives them the better sponsership deal
haha well i would recommend the SG...I have an Epiphone SG lmt edition and its fantastic..I guess its your call mate, but the SG is lighter, crunchier and you have full accessibility up the fretboard because of the double cutaway..and they're not as common too :P
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Both would be an Epiphone, And frmo the looks of it, Epiphone SG's are on average, less expensive than a Les Paul (though not by much)

It's really personal preference, a les paul will sound like a les paul, a SG will sound like an SG. The les paul will have worse upper fret access, but nothing that you can't get used to, and the SG will be lighter, but with a lighter tone. whichever one you get, the best deals are in the Epipone G-400 for the SG and Plain top for the les paul. Don't get a standard les paul, as they are made of alder and mahogany, where the plain top is made of mahogany with a maple top, like the gibsons.
I don't really like either much. From the two, I'd say the SG. The LP is too heavy for me. I'd say get a Gibson Faded Flying V, though. They play awesome and the upper frets are very accessible and it sounds awesome. The only problem is that it kinda sucks playing sitting down. I'd say try itt out though. It was one of my choices but I ended up buying a Strat instead.