I stumbled across this on MA today, and I just had to show somebody...

This just cracked me up. Apparently, the 'band' has been saying that this is supposed to be taken seriously and is NOT meant to parody black metal. Plus, the picutre I'm posting is just from their first demo. PLease, check out the rest of their material, as well as this guys other projects, and you will see what I'm getting after.

So, When in your mind does a metal band (I could say band in general, but this is the metal forum, and its easy to say that this happens more in metal then most other genre's) step over the line of what can be taken seriously? Does it even matter?

I don't know about you guys, but I think it would be hard for me to enjoy a song knowing it was called 'Frost****ed Black Metal Goatsodomy.'

Discuss/ post other entertaining screenshots.

You'd think that, I'm sure its not physically impossible though...

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I don't think it matters at all. It's just funny, which I tend to enjoy. Devourment are a good example, they're so rediculous but they still rule so much.

For the record, death metal is wayyyyy funnier than black metal.
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Quote by AcidBath443
For the record, death metal is wayyyyy funnier than black metal.

Like when you can kind of understand them and there rythm is weird and the lyrics are totally un brootal and lack any sort of creativity?
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