I was at the beach today for about 5 hours and didn't wear any sunscreen because when I got there it was cloudy so I didn't think I'd get burned. Stupid, I know.

But can someone give me advice on how to make it feel better? Thanks.
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pics? and hand lotion helps I think any kind of soothing lotion should help.
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Aloe vera.

And lots of it....
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Calimyne (sp?) lotion

that may only be for itching, im not sure though...
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pics? and hand lotion helps I think any kind of soothing lotion should help.

i know you want to give him a massage but...
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Build a time machine, travel back to this morning and out sunscreen in your car to avoid this. XD

Don't use baby oil, every time someone does they peel, but it stops hurting. And aloe vera is the sex for burns.
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what i do is put a ton of lotion on, let it soak in, take a shower, repeat but then instead of shower jam.
Aloe vera, or solarcaine...it's a spray and you'll feel instant relief. It's temporary so you'll have to spray frequently
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Don't wear a shirt. It hurts my sunburn when I wear a shirt.
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I never get sun burnt, no matter how much I stay out in the sun. I tan very nicely I love me

Usually I don't burn but the one spot that seems to always get fried is the area on the upper part of my back. And the shoulders too. My lower back and everywhere else are perfectly fine. Damn you sun.
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It puts the lotion on its skin.

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