My band and I are trying to cover some songs and im the only guitarist and we can only do so many green day and blink covers. Im pretty decent at guitar, prob not capable of pulling off any impressive solo though. Pretty open to any genre but prob more modern stuff preferebly. So any songs/bands w/ one guitar u reccomend?
YOU CAN DO SOME acdc, certian songs have a worthless rythem thats not even recognizable, claptons doable
"Pieces" or "Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank.

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Hendrix Songs, RHCHP songs lots and lots of songs
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cover kick in the eye by Bauhaus, it's not well known and kicks ass, hope you have a good bassist for it though.
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you need some Loudness.

Crazy Doctor
Like Hell
Angel Dust
S.D.I. (actually....that may be kinda hard...)

i think this site has some of those tabs. go find them. not only are they extremely fun, but you can pick up some good technique if you manage to master them.
black sabbath, motely crue, sublime, hendrix, RHCP, the doors....oh, u said recent...learn beverly hills
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dont forget Rush

Hahaha, he can't do much soloing so you go for Rush...niiiiice
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i second the White Stripes recommendation as well as RHCP. Could also try Sex Pistols, i think they have some fun stuff to play
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Some led zeppelin / ozzy. You say you might not be able to pull out the solos but you could try stuff like 'whole lotta love' with an easy solo or just improvise where the solos should be. Also as mentioned, some RHCP or some easy hendrix songs like hey joe and fire.
The Casualties?
System Of A Down?
some songs by Trivium?

expand your mind idiot, lol.
Even bands that have TWO guitarists still have both guitars playing the same thing
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cowboys from hell - pantera
fat lip - sum41
just some i know

fat lip has two guitars in it but only in the chorus thing, you could just play rythem for that
van halen, pantera, jimi hendrix, eric clapton, black sabbath, zakk wylde, yngwie malmsteen, the darkness, motley crue, ozzy, santana, nirvana...
Some Van Halen songs aren't that hard to learn. (ie: Runnin' With The Devil, Ain't Talkin' Bout Love)
You can do many songs in a 3 piece band, not just "throwaway" songs that you need to ask questions about.

What everything comes down to is the way you sound when the rhythm guitar is gone and the only thing providing rhythm is the bass, and drums..and you kick in and do a solo

If you're good, people won't care that the rhythm guitar is gone. You have to make it sound good no matter what you play. Some songs are harder then others.
Muse, RATM, Audioslave...
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Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, System of a Down (Drop-C tuning and Half Step Down Drop-D), The Offspring, and other punk bands.
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