i am a guitar player, i live in guelph ontario and looking to join or start a band. I can also do vocals both sing and scream. if anyone is interested reply.
Usually people like to know if you can lead guitar and what kind of influence you have so they can figure out what you can/like to play.
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I live in mississauga and I'll play lead or rhythm my influences are:

-Blind Guardian
-Dimmu Borgir
-Symphony x
-Gamma Ray
- Eidolon

many more but those are my favorites right now

I left my old band because they didn't want to practice very much or go very far and they are playing softer stuff now like the Beatles and John Petrucci stuff. - Which is fine but it's not what I really want to be playing on stage I like to give my audience a show.

Anyways I'm going off to a theory lesson now, If you are interested my email is freshmeat3@hotmail.com
i live in brampton (living in Guelph during school year), have a car
been playing for two years

August burns red
as i lay dying
poison the well
the human abstract
the fall of troy
lars87 a lot of all those bands you said i listen to as well, whats your email?
unearth2 if u can sing u can join my band but i live in kitchener and how old r u
um rock metal depends we do all kinds I mainly play three days grace and linkin park but i like and will do all kinds
What vocal style are you? I'm starting a classic rock style band and we need a vocalist. Who do you think you sound most like, because we're really in need of a vocalist. Also if you have any friends that can play bass or drums they can come too.
i can sing pretty much anything i have no idea who i sound like the most
unearth do you want to join my band we need a vocalist and we already have all the memebers except vocals
What is your vocal range? Can you hit really high and low? or just high or just low?
are you into classic rock? We're gonna make music very similar to it, and do Classic Rock covers.
Songs by Led Zeppelin and bands like that. Probably try a little bit of The Who, Rush, Queen. Oldies, Classic rock. Stuff from the 70's. The songs we write will probably end up being similar to those bands. We're really in love with Zeppelin too .

Do you have any audio clips of your voice or anything?

We'd also probably be willing to try some bands that you like as long as its not godawful stuff.

If you want specific songs, we're learning Communication Breakdown now. We both know Closer to the Heart. I know No Quarter, Stairway to Heaven, Ramble on, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, and Since I've Been Loving You. I'm not sure what songs he knows.
You don't have to sound exactly like Robert Plant. We didn't really want an exact copy of him anyways. Can you sing in the same style as him though? Soulful and powerful? Do you have, or can you get any clips of yourself singing?